Howdy! Welcome to my personal website! (In case you’re wondering… no, I’m not form the South and I’m not sure why I say “howdy” but I often do) I’m Darren Herbold and I love starting new things, working in creative environments, dreaming BIG, and I’m passionate about the Gospel. Basically, it’s very hard for me to sit still. I live to be part of a teams dreaming up new ideas and then turning them into successful ventures, ministries or events. I love it if its ambitious, big, and inspiring.

Above all, I am passionate about people making a difference. A BIG difference! I am not inspired by a small vision or even a large vision. I want to follow a massive vision. And through it all I believe we can change the world!  I’m continually pushing myself and those around me to “Start Now…Lead New…And Execute Like Crazy!”

What I Do

Most of my time is spent, in some form or fashion, in the following activities.

Current – We live in Phuket, Thailand (learn more here) as International workers with the Canadian Christian and Missionary Alliance. We are focusing our time supporting a new international church in addition to starting a new foundation to support and rescue those caught in trafficking and the sex trade. Interested in moving to Thailand? 🙂

1. Pastor – For seven years my full time job was serving and being part of the incredible church, Beulah Alliance.  While I had many roles, I primarily served as the Sr. Associate Pastor and Multisite Director. I had the the privilege of leading an incredible team as we looked to fulfill a God inspired vision across our city and Canada. Full time ministry is my calling, one that frustrates me at times, but one that I know Im called to do. I should probably write about that sometime.

A few of the team

A few of the team

2. Blogging – I’ve been blogging on and off for many years as my schedule has allowed and as I’ve seen how it integrates with my various projects. At this point, I’m not so concerned how it integrates with anything. In many ways my personal blog is a journal of the randomness that goes on in my brain. It is likely a complete waste of time for you to read it, but I truly hope some of it will interest and benefit you. 🙂

3. iOS Developer -(Trying to be more focused = Killed this project) I’m the creator of FogHornApps.com through which I have created TimmyRollUp Tracker app and my latest project, MyMileageTracker. I love everything Apple, so I thought, “why not create an app?”  Totally makes sense, right? (App has been retired)

4. Software Company Joint Venture Partner – I’ve always wanted to start a software company. Its been on my bucket list of things to do.  So, after about a year of periodic conversations, a friend and I have decided to start. You can check out Flowtrics – A simply awesome paypal metrics system.

5. Coaching – I love helping people and organizations reach clarity and decision.  Clarity and moving forward, through decision, is part of who I am and what I bring to every team I partner with.  Some of the areas I help churches and people are in: strategic planning, staff coaching/HR, communications, multi site development, and ministry alignment. The brightest and best have coaches, do you have one?

6. Creator of ChurchPastorJobs.com -(Trying to be more focused = Killed this project) ChurchPastorJobs.com is still in development.  Finding great staff and team members in the not for profit and ministry field is difficult. To find them in Canada even more so. Seriously, some people still think we live in igloos up here.  This is a resource for all ministries in North America, but it will have a specific focus for Canadian ministries. You can post your job opportunity here.

7. Speaking – One of the most challenging things I do, and the single most rewarding thing I do, is speak. It is literally the thing I dread the most and love the most all at the same time.  For the most part it is something I avoid doing, but something that my mentors and those close to me keep pushing me to do more. I’m an evangelist by heart. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and a clear gospel message, I’d stressed out and honoured to help you all at the same time. If you’re looking for someone to teach systematic theology…it would be funny to watch me try…

8. International NGO’s – This is a growing passion of mine. I have always had a passion for missionaries, and international workers/agencies. Specifically, the far reaches of the earth have always pulled at me. I’ve had more opportunities in recent years to see the work of Compassion, and love the work that Source De Vie is doing in Guinea, Africa…this is the Infant Rescue Centre we adopted from. I’m looking fwd to seeing how this may become a growing area I support in the years ahead.


Our trip to visit one of our sponsor kids through Compassion

9. Family – I am a father to three incredible kids, a gracious wife, and one yorkie who thinks he owns the block!  There are times I drive them all crazy. I think I am likely one of the most difficult people to live with, but they love me, stick with me, serve me, and I love them to pieces! I’m continually learning how to be a better husband and father. I feel completely inadequate in both roles, and it has been hard work, but so worth it. They are the most important thing I do.

How it really looks at supper…crazy, messy and happy!

For Those That Like Details

Purpose: To live an open handed life that is God honouring. Characterized by:

  • Submission
  • Surrender
  • Obedience

Mission: To significantly impact the world by authentically leading people to encounter Jesus Christ that leads to a decision and results in transformation.

Positioning Statement: I help motivate and move people and/or organizations toward decision.

Said another way:

Breaking chains of mediocrity and oppression so that people can live the life they were called to live, and change the world.

The “Professional” Blurb Nutshell

  • Currently: Working for the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada in Phuket, Thailand. We moved our entire family to help projects and/or create new projects towards the end of human trafficking.
  • I was the Sr. Associate Pastor & MultiSite Director at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Ab Canada.
  • I am passionate about moving people & organizations toward decisions.
  • Clarity, dreaming big dreams, starting new things, casting big vision are the things I live for.
  • The local church, Ministry NGO’s, Adoption are the types of organizations I’m passionate about.

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extended family

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