Adoption Timeline



  • Received initial approval to adopt from China from Alberta Adoption Services (ADS) …(we did nothing over the Summer)


  • Attend Int’l adoption class through Christian Adoption Services (CAS)
  • Sent in initial AB application to ADS (originally chose China) and chose CAS as our agency.


  • Started collecting the various paperwork we would eventually need (financials, medical’s police check, etc) CAS will help by providing a checklist.


  • Applied to CAS to obtain a Home Study (started home study assuming a China adoption..homestudy delayed due to our holiday plans)
  • Sent Application to request permission to adopt from Source De Vie in Guinea (Received approval within a few weeks)



  • Received approval from ADS to complete a home study for Guinea (we were still doing our home study…we took our time. 🙂  )


  • Home study completed


  • Recommended for adoption by CAS to ADS


  • Received approval to adopt by ADS and requested to send in our completed Dossier to them so that they may fwd it on to Guinea


  • Sent in Part 1 of the citizenship application to Sydney NS. (Advised it would take 8 weeks to complete…it took 3.5 months)

August –> September

  • Tried to determine what was required by Guinea for our Dossier.
  • Colette found someone to translate all our Canadian paperwork into French to include with our Dossier. *


  • ADS received our completed Dossier and fwd our dossier to The Central Authority of Guinea

November –> December

  • Colette was in North America and her representatives decided to wait for her return before acting on our dossier.



  • We received our proposal to adopt Rebecca
  • Signed our “Intent To Adopt” letter with ADS
  • Received our “Notification of Agreement” from ADS approving the adoption
  • ADS notified Guinea by forwarding them our “Notification of Agreement”
  • ADS forwarded our notification to adopt to the Canadian Embassy so that we could complete Part 2 of the citizenship application **
  • Colette started the process (it is a process) to get Rebecca’s passport. This included many formalities with judges and government officials. ***


  • A month later the passport was finally issued and we asked Colette to courier Rebecca’s passport to us in Edmonton ****
  • Canadian customs seizes the package with Rebecca’s passport for a random inspection. It gets lost. Takes two weeks to find the package and receive it
  • We send all paperwork, applications, Rebecca’s passport to Dakar Senegal for: Part 2 of citizenship application and to receive a facilitation visa
  • We now apply for our Guinea visa’s from the Guinea embassy in Ottawa. We request a 90 day travel visa (maximum) for April – July


  • We contact our MP to review our case and see if there are any update from Sydney and Dakar. Both centres advise us they have not received our application. We inform them they are mistaken as we have the delivery confirmation.
  • Both centres mysteriously “find” our package and our facilitation visa is approved and Rebecca is granted citizenship. We are asked to send a courier *****


  • Early April we receive all documentation back
  • We fly to London for a few days (really helped us deal with Jet lag prior to getting to Guinea) and then on to Guinea. We finally meet Rebecca!

* – Our translator was Liette Wilson. You can contact her via email – wliette[at]hotmail[dot]com

** Citizenship & Immigration originally told us, by phone and official letter, that part 2 of our application was to be sent to the embassy in Abidjan.  THIS IS INCORRECT. The Canadian embassy that processes all visa’s and application files is in Dakar Senegal. I had to request ADS to send an additional copy to Senegal, since the Canadian government also told ADS to send our dossier to Abidjan.

*** We received copies of all the official legal paperwork from Guinea. (Emailed to us by Colette)

**** We did not want to apply for our Guinea travel visas until we knew we had Rebecca’s passport in hand. Additionally, we did not want the embassy in Dakar to receive two different packages regarding Rebecca’s case file. Ie her passport and our part 2 of the citizenship application and our request for a facilitation visa. We wanted to send them one package with all the required paperwork.

***** We originally sent our “package” to Senegal via FedEx.  Unfortunately FedEx forgot to tell us they only deliver to this country and do not pick up.  Only use DHL to send your packages to Africa. We found them to be the most reliable.



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