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I’m a planner by nature. Actually, I might be an addict when it comes to planning. I love making lists and thinking through systems and processes. I do all of this because I believe it will help me become a better person, accomplish more, and achieve the pinnacle of life that I so often dream about. I have read resources, participated in a variety of conferences, and even had one-on-one coaching and life planning sessions. There’s only one problem: all the time I spend planning, dreaming, and researching actually hold me back from living the life I was called to live! Why? Because there comes a time when we need to stop planning and start doing. That’s why I wrote this eBook. It is a compilation of some of my best learning around execution and living the life that’s within all of us.

I have a strategic plan. It’s called ‘Do Something.”

There are countless books and resources available on how to create the perfect life plan. In fact, Michael Hyatt has an incredible resource on creating a life plan here. I strongly recommend it to you. However, the truth is, that most of us already know what our dreams are!  While this eBook will help you clarify your “Driving Primary Purpose”, my motivating goal is to provide you with 6 steps in executing the dreams and purposes already within you. While this is not a book on faith I do believe God calls us all to be difference makers in this world and if we allow Him to make a difference in our lives first an incredible journey awaits.

So, go live your life already!

You can’t buy Go Live Your Life Already in a bookstore. In fact, you can’t buy it anywhere on the Internet. There’s only one way to get it—by subscribing to my FREE email newsletter. You’ll even get access to additional resources as I release them.  All you need to do is fill in the form right here on this page and I will email you your copy today.

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