Basic Leadership: Vision, What Story Are You Telling?

 Basic Leadership 3 ~ vision.jpg

First and foremost, I believe that God has given us all passions, dreams, and the ability to accomplish them through His strength.

Secondly, there is something to be said about living a consistent, faithful life. However, people sometimes mistakenly assume that perseverance and consistency do not equal an adventure and passion-filled life. They are wrong! Perseverance and consistency is what you need to start living a life full of adventure…AND, it starts with a clear picture of your future…Your Vision!

Here are 3 steps to defining and living out your vision – What is the story your life is telling?

3 Steps to Living The Life Within You!

1. Understand Your Identity: Who you are is more important than what you do!

Society tends to flip this around. We may not say it aloud, but we often feel the pressure of the message that says, “what you do will define who you are.”  This is false! You are a unique, gifted, and talented individual..BUT, beyond all your skills talents and abilities, you must come to the place where you realize that even without all of those blessings, you are important, loved and special! Your identity is found in your personhood, if you have a faith perspective, in who God says you are. You are not defined by what you do, you are defined as a unique individual who has the ability to literally change the world!

2. Stop Comparing: This is about you, not everyone else.

I know, this step is harder than it sounds, but it is fairly simple. You need to stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. Easier said than done, right? Get an accountability partner, a friend, or a couple of friends that you can confide in and tell them to stop you every time you start talking and comparing yourself to someone else. Stop wanting someone else’s story and start living your own. Living your life will always be better than imitating someone else’s. 

3. Imagine: If everything was possible, what would you do?

I love this quote by Albert Einstein.  “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  One of the best ways to define your vision, as I call it, your “driving primary purpose” is to begin with the end in mind. Here’s my question to you: what does the preview of your upcoming life look like? If it’s not what you want it to be, what will you do, today, to change it. Imagining a new story is by far the simplest step, but also the one most forgotten.  Here are three simple steps.

  • Clear your mind and focus. You may need to close your eyes.
  • Imagine your life as one big movie scene. Here’s the key question: What is the climactic scene in your movie? I’m talking about the ending of the movie that catches everyone’s breath, moves people to tears, or shouts for joy! What is happening at that moment, in that scene of your life?
  • Write it down! For many people, that scene ~ that moment ~ is their vision, their driving primary purpose.

I’d love to hear what your vision, your driving primary purpose is for your life.  What are you doing today to start living this life that is within you?  If you would like to know more about this topic, I’ll be releasing a premium ebook on this whole topic.

Find out more here

However, regardless of the book, I want to truly hear about your dreams and passions.  Any advice and feedback for others as we journey together?  Have a super week!


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Basic Leadership: Determining Your Personal Values

winning basic leadership 2.jpg


“Your belief or “values” (my addition) become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your destiny”


Defining your personal values and living them out are one of the most important steps a leader can take in cultivating a focused and intentional life. Andy Stanley, is often quoted as referring to these as “Be Goals.”  ie: Who do you want to be? If people looked at your life, would they be able to see the embodiment of these values in your life. Very often organizations have value statements, though I would argue I’m not sure how well these inform the day-to-day operations. However, that is for another post for another time. Today, it’s all about you! Your values, who you are and who you want to be.   In this post I will share 3 benefits of defining your personal values and I will even share some of my own.  This is Post 2 of the “Basic Leadership” series.

Disclaimer: There are too many benefits to list when it comes to having defined personal values. These are the first three that came to mind. I’d love to hear other benefits you think I missed in the comments below.

 Benefit #1 ~ Quickly Assess Everything

Life is full of opportunities. Some are helpful and some will be harmful. Whether it be in your personal life or professional life. Having clarity around your personal values will help you assess decisions, opportunities and the tactics you will use as you seek to achieve your personal and professional goals.

 Benefit #2 ~ Strengthen Your Identity

I often have a similar conversation, it goes like this.

     Anonymous Person ~ Darren, I’m not sure what I want to do with my life? Can you help me.  I have all these ideas, im just not sure which one is “truly me” and “what I was created for.”

     Darren ~ I’d be happy to help. However, before you determine what you will do, you must determine who you are.

 Benefit #3 ~ Increased Joy

Have you noticed that we live in world that runs at a frenetic pace? Don’t et me wrong, I love running fast, hard and long. BUT, when you run fast, hard, and long in a way that does not align to your personal values, you will burn out. Not only will you burn out, but your life will be filled with frustration, disengagement (always thinking about a different preferred future), and simply, it will be a life marked by un-happiness.  Want to increase “joy” in your life. Define your values and start living by them.

3 Steps To creating Your Own

1. Brainstorm An Initial List

  •  I recommend taking a clean sheet of paper and start by writing down words, statements, ideas, anything that comes to mind that you place a high value on.  This is actually a pic of my journal with me doing just that.


  • Use a primer of other leadership values. Some people like to create from scratch, others like to adapt. I’m more of an adapter. So, here is a list of leadership values which may spark something within you.
  • Here is a free template to help catalyze your thinking as you develop your own values.  This is one of many premium resources that will be offered through my “Go Live Your Life Already” e-book packages.  If you would like to stay updated on the launch of this book, sign up below.


2. Define the “Why”

  • ***This is Important*** So often people write down value statements, but they don’t do the hard work describing why that particular value is important. Values are fairly subjective. The importance of a value can be very different from person to person. So, do the hard work, and define the reason why this value is so important to you.
  • Personal Example:  Below is a screen shot my top 10 Values.

Darren Values.jpg

3. Take Time

Most people, me included, (I’m likely the worst offender) rush through tasks way too fast.  Defining your values is a vital step in developing your leadership and achieving exponential success and growth in your life. Don’t rush it. Do the hard work. Reflect, take time, share it with other, collect feedback, refine and then declare!


  1. I would very much like to hear from, if you are willing, for you to share some of your values and why they are important to you.
  2. Again, if you would like to receive more information on the launch of my premium e-book, ‘Go Live Your Life Already“, it’s only one click away below.

Thank you for reading,


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Basic Leadership: How You Win Matters!

Winning & Leadership

I love to win.  Its part of who I am. I know I’m not too different from you. At least, I don’t think I’m too different. Everyone likes to win. Professionally, personally, relationally, financially. “Winning” is a driving motivation for most of us.  Now, before you go all altruistic on me, this post is not about evaluating our motivations. Whether we are currently acting selfishly or selflessly, winning is a strong motivator to us living out our passions. Whether or not they are “good or bad”. (I would recommend evaluating your motivations) Over the next three weeks I will be writing about three basic leadership steps.

  1. Knowing Your Organizations Behavioral Values ~ How You Win Matters
  2. Knowing Your Personal Values ~ At Your Core, Who Are You?
  3. Vision, Vision, Vision! ~ What Story Are You Telling?

Knowing Your Organizations Behavioral Values

Clarity matters a great deal to me. So much so that I think some of my friends think I’m a little ridiculous on how much emphasis I place on clarity. This is especially true when it comes to organizational clarity. Currently, there are  a lot of conversation around the importance of vision and mission statements over the last decade or so.  In no way am I disagreeing with the importance of strong and compelling vision. I’ll actually be talking about this in a few weeks from now.  However, I want to start with an equally important conversation, and in my opinion, a leadership principle that is sorely overlooked by many organizations.  I believe one of the most effective ways of bringing clarity to your organization is by being crystal clear on your organizations behavioral values.

Behavioral Values Are Not:

  • Generic in nature
    • (I get it, of course you want an honest, hard-working and authentic work culture – BUT how will you achieve that? What are the behaviors that you will be able to measure to evaluate success? Those generic value statements, while true, are somewhat useless in the day-to-day tasks of “doing the work.”
  • A reflection of what culture says are “good/moral” values.
    • Be unique, be different, be yourself…if you don’t want to be a reflection of the median crowd, don;t be. Stop being general. Be specific, write it down and “own” who you want to be. It will be incredibly motivating to your team and you will retain like-minded individuals and become a much more compelling organization.
  • A copy of another organizations values statement.

Behavioral Values Are & Will:

  • Are Specific
  • Will set your organization apart from others
  • Will give instant clarity to your staff
  • Will empower your teams to make appropriate decisions
  • Will finally articulate some of those “unwritten rules” your organization has.

In the simplest form, behavioral values are the behaviors you want your organization and team to exhibit as they go about achieving their outcomes and goals.  You see, I believe that most conflict comes from unmet expectations. AND, in my experience, most people can achieve their outcomes with proper support and guidance. HOWEVER, achieving your outcomes and goals does not ensure “success” as defined by your organization. Success, for most organizations even if it’s unsaid, is defined by you achieving a goal and achieving it in a certain way.  Another way to say it is like this.

Reaching Goal ≠ Success

Reaching Goal + “In an approved way” = Success

By defining and declaring your organizations behavioral values, a leader releases clarity and brings empowerment to the who organization. Because, let’s be honest with each other.  No one is truly 100% outcomes motivated. How we win is important to most of us. in fact, it’s incredibly personal. No wonder then that there are times in an organization when conflict arises and people are at a complete loss as to why. they are at a loss, because the “how” was never properly defined and by defining and declaring your organizations behavioral values, you will be well on your way to creating an organization that truly makes a difference. Not just by your business outcomes, but by also releasing the potential of your team members.  Here is a simple example of how to apply this in your setting.

Application Steps

(Free resource below)

1. Where Are You Now:

In a faith-based organization used this PDF to highlight some of the “un-written” values they had in their organization. The leadership took time, as individuals, to mark down where they though the organization was at this current time in regards to these values.  Only instruction was, they could not choose the middle, you had to choose one side or the other.

This was tracked and documented. It was interesting to immediately see,  even in the evaluation and assessment of values, there was a broad spectrum of perception of reality.

2. Where Do you Want To Be:

The next step was to have each person mark their preferred future on each continuum. From there, the team discussed and then decided on what the organizations behavioral values would be going fwd.

Final Thoughts

Leadership is always a challenge. However, by adding clarity to your organization, not only will your organization achieve and accomplish more, they will be happier doing it.  Here are two quick resources.

1. This is an example of some of the values the case study above used as a discussion primer: Download Example Values Here


2. Here is a template you can use to begin a conversation on your organizations motivating values: Download Template Herehttps___www_darrenherbold_com_wp-content_uploads_2014_03_Values-Continuum-2_pdf

Make sense, or am I out to lunch? Does your organization have clear, documented values when it comes to the “how” you are supposed to work? Let me know and don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter below.

Stay Updated: I am in the final stages of releasing a premium ebook titled “Go Live Your Life Already!”  Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.  Subscribe with one click below.

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Another Important Leadership Lesson


I love ice cream! I love learning about leadership. I love being given the permission to lead in various ways.  Below is a guest post I wrote recently that connects the dots between ice cream and leadership. You’ve always wondered about that connection, right?

You know it, I know it. Leadership matters. We hear it all the time. Speed of the leader, speed of the pack. Who the leader is will greatly determine the success or failure of any team or organization. It’s a big responsibility and if you’re like me, you have read countless books, attended great conferences and solicited feedback from much wiser and experienced mentors…all with the best intentions in mind. You have done anything and everything in your power to become the best leader possible. But yet, so often, something seems to be missing.

That’s where I found myself recently. Lost in the maze of leadership training and teaching. Feeling completely overwhelmed with how to put it all together. Surely it shouldn’t be this difficult, should it? And then breakthrough. I heard a simple story of one young little boy. It was this story that convicted and refocused my leadership lens.  Read The Rest Here

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A Change To DarrenHerbold.Com


One of my values is transparency. So, this post is all about updating you, my reader, on some upcoming changes to Change is a funny thing. Some people love it, while others strongly dislike it. I’m somewhere in the middle. However, with that said, change is coming to this website. I’ll explain the specifics below, and if you’re interested you can read even further on why I’ve making these changes.

The Changes

Into the future weeks, this blog will begin to focus on three key areas.

  1. Publishing Resources & Books
  2. Refocused Blogging
  3. Consultation & Coaching

Publishing Resources & Books

This means I will be starting to take more time creating content and resources that will be offered, for purchase through the website. A new product package will be offered in the next few weeks based on the “Go Live Your Life Already” book. Stay tuned, I’m excited to be able to start offering these new resources. You will notice the book is no longer a free giveaway. It will be part of the published resources in the very near future.

Refocused Blogging

My blogging will begin to take on a new focus based on three primary areas. Life, Leadership and ______(Sorry, the third category is still a secret…but not for long) You can already see these reflected in the menu headings on the blog. However, overall there will be a greater emphasis on leadership, marketing and business principles. I believe these are all transferable to any organization, but they won’t be exclusively focused on a church/faith-based context.

  • Life
    • Family
    • Faith
  • Leadership
    • Personal
    • Business
    • Ministry
  • A Secret Topic (Sorry, can’t quite announce this topic yet)

Consulting & Coaching

To be incredibly blunt and truthful. I enjoy working with like-minded people. This means I wont work with anyone, but I will work with people and organizations with like-minded values and goals. I am forcing myself to become much more focused in where I spend my extra time. So, if you feel you resonate with the content on this blog and the book, I’d love to connect with you and see what may come.

That’s the gist of the changes to come. I know some may be happy and some may be a little disappointed, but I do appreciate your engagement through this site and hope you will continue to stay part of this community. If you like details, I’ve shared more of my thought process below.

My Thought Process

On my best days I struggle with knowing clearly who I am and what I am supposed to accomplish with this life God has given me. Yup, that’s the honest truth. I have so many competing passions and even gifts that I’m often pulled in way too many directions.  Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m called to be engaged in full-time ministry. That much is obvious to me. It also currently relates to the privilege of working at Beulah Alliance Church.  I love that place. I love Edmonton.  However, when it comes to my free time, this blog and my other projects, how do I best spend my time?  Here is where I’ve landed.

While writing the book, “Go Live Your Life Already,” I was again challenged to refocus how I spend my time and ensure that my time is spent ruthlessly focused on my vision statement, or as I call it, my Driving Primary Purpose. My DPP is this:

Breaking chains of mediocrity and oppression so that people can live the life they were called to live, and change the world.”

Here are a few realizations I had.

  • Business & Marketing ~ A lot of my background has been in marketing, business and sales, I find that I am often drawn to those areas and how they can impact and create exponential growth, regardless of industry.
  • Church & faith ~ I’m passionate about my faith. It is after all the bedrock and foundation for everything I do. However, I have decided not to blog exclusively about this area. It will of course always be the lens through which I view people and the world.
  • Personal development ~ I truthfully enjoy helping people reach their goals, regardless of their background and faith perspectives. I do believe God has a call on each and every one of us, and I feel privileged to be able to reach a wide audience.
  • Justice & Compassion ~ This has been an area I hope to look at more in the coming months. In many ways it started with our adoption process and journey and continues to grow.
  • Leadership Scope ~ I believe there are different “Scopes of Leadership.” A city focus, regional, national and international.  My natural tendency has always been national in scope, but this has shifted significantly in recent months to a more international pull. Clarification: Scope of leadership is not hierarchical. One scope is not better than another. They are all great and needed. ‘m also not implying I have an international audience. However, this is an intentional area I am looking to build into.
  • Strategic Partners ~ I’m an entrepreneur. I actually fight that sometimes, but at my core, I love starting projects, companies, etc. However, I have chosen not to be the driver of these initiatives. I believe much of my entrepreneurial itch will be scratched through strong relationships that develop into strategic partnerships.  This is what happened to a new venture, soon to be released, called  I am a silent partner in this endeavor. A significant friend, much smarter than myself is the true brains behind the project.

So, with all that said, this blog will change. As with all things, one never knows how it will all turn out, but for this aspect of my life, I’m excited for the future and the potential to be part of a thriving online community of people wanting to make a difference and literally change the world.

Be blessed and be a difference maker.

The best is yet to come!

Photo Credit: photographer padawan *(xava du) via Compfight cc

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The Most Important Leadership Lesson for 2014 Is…


2014 Success

I just finished reading my first book of 2014 ~ ReLaunch by Mark Rutland.  If you are in any type of leadership capacity, I highly recommend it to you.  In it, he shares a simple, but easily overlooked leadership principle he learned from his mother. I think it is perhaps one of the most important  lessons we should all strive to master.  Mark shares this short conversation he had with his mother about how she handled the difficulties of moving so frequently because of her husbands employment.

“Mom,” I asked her once, “don’t you get tired of moving from one rental house to another?” Her answer has never left me. She said, “I never worry about how long we stay in one place as long as when I leave, the flower beds are in better shape than when I got there.” That’s turnaround leadership in a nutshell. You are not thinking primarily of your own experience. You are not letting your past keep you from your task. You simply make things better for those who come next. Your goal is to leave the flower beds in better shape than you found them

So, right now, at the beginning of 2014. What flower beds should you be making better than when you first got there?

Never worry about how long you stay in one place as long as when you leave, the flower beds are in better shape than when you got there. ~ Mark Rutland

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Living a Boring Life? 6 Steps To Live Differently.

 Bored -DarrenHerbold eBook

I REMEMBER THE DAY AS clear as if it was just a moment ago. I was sitting on the floor in a completely unfurnished room. The walls were gray and the paint was peeling, dry and cracked. Have you ever noticed that some rooms you walk into feel like all life and color have been sucked right out of them? This was that room. Bleak, uninspiring, muggy with no air circulation—there was nothing inspiring about this environment. Then it happened— a moment of epiphany. I decided I wanted to live the most boring, unfulfilled life possible. This room would facilitate that for my next fifty years. I didn’t think I would ever have to leave. I found the perfect place to create the most unfulfilling and boring life.

I’ve always wanted to live a boring life. Haven’t you?

Obviously, that story isn’t true. If it were, I’d ask you to put me out of my misery now. I’m not sure what your story is, but if you’re like most people, you have likely imagined a life full of adventure, excitement, making a difference, or something similarly spectacular. I know I have. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, the life I was living began to feel like that small, dead, gray room. Not only was I not living the life I’d always wanted, but it felt like I was living a “boring” life.

I want my life to matter. I have never wanted to be average…at least, not the current perception of average. It’s why I chose to use the word “boring.” in this title.  Webster’s dictionary defines boredom as, “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest” The Freedictionary. com defines it as, “Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.

Have you sometimes felt this way about life? Have you lacked interest in doing whatever it is that you do? Have you found yourself weary, not only at the pace of life, but also what you are accomplishing with your life? Are you restless? Weary? Thinking there must be more? Simply, has life somehow become dull?  Here’s the amazing thing. This applies to all of us. At one time or another, we all seem to get these thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you have. You may have everything or nothing. It doesn’t matter what degree you hold or what your last name is. You know the truth. You feel unfulfilled. You know you were created for more. We’re not talking about fame and fortune, though those may come. We are talking about something different. You know you were created to make a difference- a big difference.

Here’s the problem…over time, many of us have developed a perception issue. We begin to believe life is supposed to be this way: tiresome, uninteresting, restless, dull…boring. We begin to tell ourselves this is just the way of things. We condition ourselves to get used to it, to suck it up, and just live a boring life! All of us have two lives that we can choose to live: the life we are living or the life that is living within us. Which one are you living right now?

All of us have two lives that we can choose to live: the life we are living or the life that is living within us.

LET’S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Life isn’t boring. Your life might be boring, but life is NOT boring! Step #1 of my eBook “Go Live Your Life Already” is to start thinking differently. Our thought life is powerful. There are two key components to thinking differently.

  1. Stop looking at everyone else. Just stop. Right now. Stop wishing their life was your life. 
  2. Imagine a new story. Begin with the ending in mind. 


This step is harder than it sounds, but it is fairly simple. You just need to stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. Easier said than done? Get an accountability partner, a friend, or a couple of friends that you can confide in and tell them to stop you every time you start talking and comparing yourself to someone else. Stop wanting someone else’s story and start living your own. Living your life will always be better than imitating someone else’s. ***Get help with this step…almost everyone can benefit from accountability***


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  —Albert Einstein 

One of the best ways to define your driving primary purpose is to begin with the end in mind. Here’s my question to you: what does the preview of your upcoming life look like? If it’s not what you want it to be, keep reading. Imagining a new story is by far the simplest step, but also the one most forgotten. This is important—you can’t read Step #2 until you’ve completed this step. You need to know your DPP (Driving Primary Purpose). Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Clear your mind and focus. You may need to close your eyes. (Once you read the instructions of course). 
  • Imagine your life as one big movie scene. Here’s the key question: What is the climactic scene in your movie? I’m talking about the ending of the movie that catches everyone’s breath, moves people to tears, or shouts for joy! What is happening at that moment, in that scene of your life? 
  • Write it down! For many people, that scene—that moment—is the Driving Primary Purpose, or the DPP, of their life. 

I’d love to hear what your driving purpose is for this season of your life. I’ll share mine in the next coupe of posts.

Read all of the 6 Steps of Achieving Your Dreams in my free eBook below. 

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Go Live Your Life Already! (free eBook)

competitive advantage, strategic marketing concept

I’m a planner by nature. Actually, I might be an addict when it comes to planning. I love making lists and thinking through systems and processes. I do all of this because I believe it will help me become a better person, accomplish more, and achieve the pinnacle of life that I so often dream about. I have read resources, participated in a variety of conferences, and even had one-on-one coaching and life planning sessions. There’s only one problem: all the time I spend planning, dreaming, and researching actually hold me back from living the life I was called to live! Why? Because there comes a time when we need to stop planning and start doing. That’s why I wrote this eBook. It is a compilation of some of my best learning around execution and living the life that’s within all of us.

I have a strategic plan. It’s called ‘Do Something.”

There are countless books and resources available on how to create the perfect life plan. In fact, Michael Hyatt has an incredible resource on creating a life plan here. I strongly recommend it to you. However, the truth is, that most of us already know what our dreams are!  While this eBook will help you clarify your “Driving Primary Purpose”, my motivating goal is to provide you with 6 steps in executing the dreams and purposes already within you. While this is not a book on faith I do believe God calls us all to be difference makers in this world and if we allow Him to make a difference in our lives first an incredible journey awaits.

So, go live your life already!

You can’t buy Go Live Your Life Already in a bookstore. In fact, you can’t buy it anywhere on the Internet. There’s only one way to get it—by subscribing to my FREE email newsletter. You’ll even get access to additional resources as I release them.  All you need to do is fill in the form right here on this page and I will email you your copy today.

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How To Create An Inspiring Organization: Start With Why? [VIDEO]

Organizational Clarity

I believe a defining characteristic of inspiring organizations is the ruthless focus on defining and guarding organizational clarity. Simon Sinek in his book “Start With Why” links clarity directly to inspiration. His premise is this:

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms, but the root of it grows from a fundamental question asked by those who are able to inspire others. The most important question of all, according Simon, is: Why do we do what we do? 

I believe most successful organizations share two qualities: they are smart, and they are healthy. An organization demonstrates it is smart by being able to clearly define “what” services they offer or “what” feature benefits they provide. Examples would include clearly defined strategies, marketing plans, product features, and financial models that lead to competitive advantage over its rivals. Organizations demonstrate they are healthy by eliminating confusion on “why” they exist. This leads to higher morale, lower turnover, and higher productivity. Virtually all healthy organizations avoid confusion by having pinpoint clarity on their driving primary purpose. Their big goal AND their non-negotiable values that drive behavior.

Guarding and creating ever increasing levels of clarity around the “why” of your organization is one of the primary responsibilities of every leader. However, beyond a responsibility, it will bring freedom for you to work in your area of passion and simultaneously gather other like minded individuals to your cause. It is the sum of all these people working together, impassioned by a common goal, that will make possible the exponential impact that everyone seeks but few attain.

Simon Sinek, in the video below, discusses  some of the science and powerful results that can come from focusing ruthlessly on organization clarity…and the inspiration that results. This is a great 15 min video.

Disclaimer & Next Steps:

I think after watching something like this there is a temptation to quickly rank one’s own organization and potentially become frustrated. Instead of becoming frustrated and not doing anything, I challenge you to watch this video with your team and discuss some of the principles. No organization is perfect, but being part of an honest and transparent organization brings  a lot of freedom.  I know I have been thankful that I am part of a team that is willing to discuss these principles and constantly refine how to continually learn and grow.

So, what stuck out to you after watching this?  I especially found the discussion around our limbic brain and neo-cortex interesting.  Also, the law of diffusion of innovation was particularly interesting, especially in light of ministry and non profit work. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


PS. If you would like to receive an advance copy (once released) of my new eBook on living the life you were called to live, you can sign up below to my newsletter. I focus a lot on achieving clarity on your own driving purpose in life and how to execute and live the life you’ve always wanted.

How To Be A Superhero


Every little boy role plays and imagines himself having super powers of some kind. To go into battle, to fight, to win, to conquer. At least I know I did…maybe I still do.

Here’s a wise proverb to help you become mightier than the mighty.


Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

~ Proverbs 16:32