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One of my values is transparency. So, this post is all about updating you, my reader, on some upcoming changes to DarrenHerbold.com. Change is a funny thing. Some people love it, while others strongly dislike it. I’m somewhere in the middle. However, with that said, change is coming to this website. I’ll explain the specifics below, and if you’re interested you can read even further on why I’ve making these changes.

The Changes

Into the future weeks, this blog will begin to focus on three key areas.

  1. Publishing Resources & Books
  2. Refocused Blogging
  3. Consultation & Coaching

Publishing Resources & Books

This means I will be starting to take more time creating content and resources that will be offered, for purchase through the website. A new product package will be offered in the next few weeks based on the “Go Live Your Life Already” book. Stay tuned, I’m excited to be able to start offering these new resources. You will notice the book is no longer a free giveaway. It will be part of the published resources in the very near future.

Refocused Blogging

My blogging will begin to take on a new focus based on three primary areas. Life, Leadership and ______(Sorry, the third category is still a secret…but not for long) You can already see these reflected in the menu headings on the blog. However, overall there will be a greater emphasis on leadership, marketing and business principles. I believe these are all transferable to any organization, but they won’t be exclusively focused on a church/faith-based context.

  • Life
    • Family
    • Faith
  • Leadership
    • Personal
    • Business
    • Ministry
  • A Secret Topic (Sorry, can’t quite announce this topic yet)

Consulting & Coaching

To be incredibly blunt and truthful. I enjoy working with like-minded people. This means I wont work with anyone, but I will work with people and organizations with like-minded values and goals. I am forcing myself to become much more focused in where I spend my extra time. So, if you feel you resonate with the content on this blog and the book, I’d love to connect with you and see what may come.

That’s the gist of the changes to come. I know some may be happy and some may be a little disappointed, but I do appreciate your engagement through this site and hope you will continue to stay part of this community. If you like details, I’ve shared more of my thought process below.

My Thought Process

On my best days I struggle with knowing clearly who I am and what I am supposed to accomplish with this life God has given me. Yup, that’s the honest truth. I have so many competing passions and even gifts that I’m often pulled in way too many directions.  Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m called to be engaged in full-time ministry. That much is obvious to me. It also currently relates to the privilege of working at Beulah Alliance Church.  I love that place. I love Edmonton.  However, when it comes to my free time, this blog and my other projects, how do I best spend my time?  Here is where I’ve landed.

While writing the book, “Go Live Your Life Already,” I was again challenged to refocus how I spend my time and ensure that my time is spent ruthlessly focused on my vision statement, or as I call it, my Driving Primary Purpose. My DPP is this:

Breaking chains of mediocrity and oppression so that people can live the life they were called to live, and change the world.”

Here are a few realizations I had.

  • Business & Marketing ~ A lot of my background has been in marketing, business and sales, I find that I am often drawn to those areas and how they can impact and create exponential growth, regardless of industry.
  • Church & faith ~ I’m passionate about my faith. It is after all the bedrock and foundation for everything I do. However, I have decided not to blog exclusively about this area. It will of course always be the lens through which I view people and the world.
  • Personal development ~ I truthfully enjoy helping people reach their goals, regardless of their background and faith perspectives. I do believe God has a call on each and every one of us, and I feel privileged to be able to reach a wide audience.
  • Justice & Compassion ~ This has been an area I hope to look at more in the coming months. In many ways it started with our adoption process and journey and continues to grow.
  • Leadership Scope ~ I believe there are different “Scopes of Leadership.” A city focus, regional, national and international.  My natural tendency has always been national in scope, but this has shifted significantly in recent months to a more international pull. Clarification: Scope of leadership is not hierarchical. One scope is not better than another. They are all great and needed. ‘m also not implying I have an international audience. However, this is an intentional area I am looking to build into.
  • Strategic Partners ~ I’m an entrepreneur. I actually fight that sometimes, but at my core, I love starting projects, companies, etc. However, I have chosen not to be the driver of these initiatives. I believe much of my entrepreneurial itch will be scratched through strong relationships that develop into strategic partnerships.  This is what happened to a new venture, soon to be released, called Flowtrics.com  I am a silent partner in this endeavor. A significant friend, much smarter than myself is the true brains behind the project.

So, with all that said, this blog will change. As with all things, one never knows how it will all turn out, but for this aspect of my life, I’m excited for the future and the potential to be part of a thriving online community of people wanting to make a difference and literally change the world.

Be blessed and be a difference maker.

The best is yet to come!

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Wonderlust Book Review

wonderlustThe Preamble

I have the privilege of doing some book reviews for New Hope Publishers.  You can too. I’ll tell you how at the end of this review.

I literally have a pile of books that I need to read over the next couple of months. Both professionally (for work) for some professional development, and as well for New Hope Publishing. However, my mind felt like it couldn’t contain many more ideas and thoughts. It felt tired. I felt like my mind needed a “break.” Yet, I still wanted to experience new adventures and learn about Christ. That is the preamble to my experience with “Wonderlust.”

The Review

With the above mentioned “weary” state I walk into my office to see a delivery from New Hope Publishing. As I opened the package, the first book on the pile was Wonderlust by Vicki Kuyper.  I read the subtitle, “A Spiritual Travelogue for the Adventurous Soul” and immediately sat down and started reading.  this is actually rare. I’m a thought out, planned, make a list and follow it kind of guy, but for some reason I felt immediatley drawn to the book.  The book did not disappoint.

Wonderlust follows the journey of Vicki as she explores many, many exotic places around the world and describes her interaction, not only with the beauty of the location, but with conversations and experiences God shares with her.  Experiences that God now shared with me as he spoke to my heart through her experiences.

My Personal Experience With The Book

I fully enjoyed reading Wonderlust.  It is not a book that I read in one or two sittings but a book that I carried around with me and read a chapter or two every other day.  When I wanted a break from the demands of the day, I opened the book and was transported to a location my mind had only dreamed of exploring and experienced God in the midst of it.

If you are in need of adventure or just a refreshing walk and experience with God I highly recommend Wonderlust. It is a refreshing change of pace compared to most reading and a welcomed addition to my library. I can’t say it better than Vicki when she explains in one of her chapters, “He was there, Seemingly closer than He had ever been, holding me in His arms and whispering in my ear, I’ve been waiting for you. Shall we take a walk together?”

I experienced Christ through this book. I am confident you will as well.

—————–Extra Stuff——————-

To Purchase Click Here: Wonderlust: A Spiritual Travelogue For The Adventurous Soul

Do You Blog? Love to read? Perhaps the New Hope Publishers Blogger Review program is for you. Check them out.

The Wasabi's Hot! New book by @shawnwood

I had the privilege to read Shawn Wood’s “Wasabi Gospel” prior to todays Amazon’s book bomb, which is today!

First off. I love to read books that are easy to read and make me think throughout the day. I don’t like a book when it has only one of those qualities. The Wasabi Gospel has both in spades.

Shawn asks a very simple question of Christ follower’s early on in his book. Are you a Christ follower who only follows 99%? And throughout his book, I absolutely love that, he shares some simple ways that he has experienced, learned and heard about on “how” to live out a Christ honoring life. So often many books and speakers tell and write a lot of the “why” but often forget the how. Shawn recognizes this and addresses it.  I enjoyed Shawn’s honest and vulnerable approach whether it be the “idiot” who cuts him off in traffic or his personal tension of living all out for God and trying to reclaim that 1%.

Early on in the beginning of his book, he talks about the “Do What?” response we sometimes get when reading Scripture. This is the response that happens when you all of a sudden stop and think, “are you really saying this God?” It’s the response that just hits you in the gut. A sucker punch to the stomach if you will.  For those that know Sushi side dish wasabi, it can “punch” you real hard and take you out.  The Wasabi Gospel is real, vulnerable and even hard hitting for some who will read it.  I believe strongly that many will be encouraged and convicted by reading it…I was.  I recommend it.


What is the most influential, motivating, empowering book you have read?

Over the next 2 weeks, starting on June 30th, Kevin Martineau has invited guest bloggers to share what some of the most influential, motivating and life changing books they have ever read.

He will be highlighting them each day on his blog at http://kevinmartineau.blogspot.com/

I have copied a list of some of the bloggers below so that you can also visit their blogs and read what they have been writing, thinking, and experiencing on their life journey.

It should be a great 2 weeks of learning and adding some “must read” books to our lists.

I’d  also love to hear your thoughts and comments about important books you have read. So, leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s the schedule:

June 30th Darren Herboldhttp://www.darrenherbold.squarespace.com
July 1st Jeremy Jernigantomorrowsreflection.com
July 2nd Peter Pollackhttp://blog.hafchurch.org/peter
July 5th Andy Darnellhttp://www.andydarnell.com/
July 6th Jason Stasyszenhttp://www.connect2impact.blogspot.com/
July 7th Greg Bolt
July 8th Doug Hibbard
July 9th Bob Robbinshttp://bob.blogs.com/
July 13th Susan Hetrickhttp://blog.advicefromtheblender.com