Global Staff Health Assessment’s – How To Do Them?

Creating a healthy staff culture is something that over the past couple years has been written extensively about. Leadership, Teamwork, all play a role. Even just saying or thinking those words bring John Maxwell to mind.

The Question. – How do you effectively assess the health of your staff team?

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Kids, Star Wars, Fun and Choosing Change.

Judah and I had the opportunity to spend an evening together recently and all we did was talk about Star Wars, play Star Wars and watch Star Wars. The only time we didn’t do something related to Star Wars was when I wanted to watch my hockey team play out the remaining 10 minutes of the third period. (they lost)

Judah decided this was boring and declared, “I’m going to go make some fun.”

Here he is “making some fun”

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Things I Like –

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a file and you don’t have a usb key on you, or you forgot to email yourself ahead of time?

I love having information and files at my fingertips. I also love having my files backed up, and I want it all for free.So, who can do this all?



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Nero, the Burning of Rome and Context for 1&2 Peter

4 Steps to reading this post. (Yup, this requires some time and work)

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An Interview With Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is by far one of my favorite authors. He recently released his new book, What the Dog Saw.

Besides being a very insightful researcher and author, he is also one of the few authors to have all four of his books on the Best Seller list. Incredible considering his first book came out over 9 years ago.

As a speaker he is just as insightful. C-Span recently did an hour long interview with him. So, if you have some time and like Gladwell, you will enjoy the interview.

My kids…

I have been reflecting on the special moments when my kids look at me. I thought a quick video would be a good reminder for me the next time I don’t pay attention to the depth behind each expression my child shares with me. During the process God met me. I love how He interrupts our journey to speak and remind us of truth. For me it was that even though I quickly forget the special moments He gives me with my kids, He has never forgotten anyone of the expressions of my face when I look to Him. He is faithful, He sees me, enjoys me, is proud of me, and loves to laugh with me. He has never forgotten.

I hope that my kids will always know how much their dad loved and loves them and that he treasures every moment with them.

I trust that He will also encourage and remind you of special moments with Him and others.

A big shout out to Carlos Whittaker and this post. It was the still images in his video that started me down this road…

Make a Toy Dart With Weeds in under 10 Seconds

dartsSo I realize that my blog is often on the “heavy” side.  So I thought I would try and write some more about things that happen with our family. So, here’s how I impressed my kids with some totally useless knowledge.  They did have fun with it, even if it only lasted for 5 minutes, but Dad was “cool”…not that we do things to be “cool” , right?  🙂

So, what fun, but useless tricks have you taught or shown your kids. i would love to hear them so I can impress my kids further with useless skills.

Should be fun to read.

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What it's all about with some thoughts by John Piper

Video: 6 Mins

At the end of the day it’s all about this. I wonder if I am really doing enough. I realize its easy to feel guilty convicted, etc, etc. I think that’s good, this should convict and hopefully we listen and obey His call for our lives. On a side note Naomi and I have often discussed adoption. This video actually pushed me to finally pursue it.

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