The Most Important Leadership Lesson for 2014 Is…


2014 Success

I just finished reading my first book of 2014 ~ ReLaunch by Mark Rutland.  If you are in any type of leadership capacity, I highly recommend it to you.  In it, he shares a simple, but easily overlooked leadership principle he learned from his mother. I think it is perhaps one of the most important  lessons we should all strive to master.  Mark shares this short conversation he had with his mother about how she handled the difficulties of moving so frequently because of her husbands employment.

“Mom,” I asked her once, “don’t you get tired of moving from one rental house to another?” Her answer has never left me. She said, “I never worry about how long we stay in one place as long as when I leave, the flower beds are in better shape than when I got there.” That’s turnaround leadership in a nutshell. You are not thinking primarily of your own experience. You are not letting your past keep you from your task. You simply make things better for those who come next. Your goal is to leave the flower beds in better shape than you found them

So, right now, at the beginning of 2014. What flower beds should you be making better than when you first got there?

Never worry about how long you stay in one place as long as when you leave, the flower beds are in better shape than when you got there. ~ Mark Rutland

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  1. I LOVE how this re-frames things – and re-centres us on direction and faithfulness over potentially me-oriented quick outcomes and volatile feelings.

    • Darren Herbold (@darrenherbold) says:

      I think that’s a great insight Tim. Definitely was a good reminder for me as I was reading and reflecting on the quote. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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