Another Important Leadership Lesson


I love ice cream! I love learning about leadership. I love being given the permission to lead in various ways.  Below is a guest post I wrote recently that connects the dots between ice cream and leadership. You’ve always wondered about that connection, right?

You know it, I know it. Leadership matters. We hear it all the time. Speed of the leader, speed of the pack. Who the leader is will greatly determine the success or failure of any team or organization. It’s a big responsibility and if you’re like me, you have read countless books, attended great conferences and solicited feedback from much wiser and experienced mentors…all with the best intentions in mind. You have done anything and everything in your power to become the best leader possible. But yet, so often, something seems to be missing.

That’s where I found myself recently. Lost in the maze of leadership training and teaching. Feeling completely overwhelmed with how to put it all together. Surely it shouldn’t be this difficult, should it? And then breakthrough. I heard a simple story of one young little boy. It was this story that convicted and refocused my leadership lens.  Read The Rest Here

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