Nero, the Burning of Rome and Context for 1&2 Peter

4 Steps to reading this post. (Yup, this requires some time and work)

For me, this is what I loved, felt challenged by, and what stuck out to me:

  • A great history lesson on Nero, the burning of Rome and how the Christians suffered because of it.
  • Incredible context on 1&2 Peter. (I will never read these books the same way again)
  • A good reminder that I have never had it “that bad.” That was incredible suffering they endured for Christ’s sake.
  • I love Peter’s passion to be constantly reminding other believer’s of the faith, hope, and power we have through Christ.(2 peter 12-14)
  • To also share and be a “reminder” of Christ’s good news to others. (it’s funny to me how easy it is to separate being a disciple and disciple maker)

So, what stuck out to you?

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