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I’m launching an exclusive newsletter as part of my blog!

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What You Need To Know About Darren’s Newsletter

  • It’s exclusive to my regular blog posts! I won’t be duplicating content
  • I plan on only sending 1-3 exclusive emails a month! I hate junk email and a full inbox just as much as you do.
  • I will primarily use the newsletter for free giveaways, special information, free resources or private thoughts.
  • It’s different from the “Email Updates Sign up Form” you see on the front page.  That is a service I use to make it easy for you to get an email as soon as I publish new content.  It’s there to help you so you don’t have to come to the webpage every time I publish.
  • Extra Benefit: Exclusive Leadership Resources. Sometimes I come across cool resources or free tools that benefit churches, leaders, businesses, etc.  All newsletter subscribers will have access to any resources I come across.
    • For instance, I just came across a 3 page cheat sheet for Robert’s Rules of Order.  Yeah I know, not the coolest resource. But hey, when you find yourself in a formal Annual General Meeting, you’ll wish you had these.

I hope you will join!  Signup here.

Free Ebook
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I'm almost finished writing a new ebook on how to create and implement a life plan and I want to give it away. This ebook will be:

  • Concise(This is not an ebook with filler content. Short, concise and helpful)
  • Super focused on helping you clarify AND implement your dreams (We don't need help dreaming. We need help implementing)

If you would like to receive the first copy, once published, please sign up to my newsletter below!


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Sr. Associate Pastor at Beulah Alliance Church. I am passionate about moving people & organizations toward decisions. I lead things. Thoughts are all my own. More on the About Page & don't forget to Subscribe to my Newsletter

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