Our Adoption Story

We’ll keep updating this page with random updates throughout our first year of having Rebecca back home with us.

Darren & Naomi

Darren & Naomi Herbold

Saturday June 8th, 2013

I love that we finally have a 2 year old with a personality…laughing at things 2 year olds should laugh at…running with Esther and Judah while acting like a complete maniac…expressing herself with (horribly pronounced) actual words…showing pride in her accomplishments…only 6 weeks in and things are starting to look up!!!    Praise the Lord for this good report!  ~Naomi

Esther and Rebecca

May 9th, 2013

Today marks one week of having Rebecca home. Her first bath last week was a screaming nightmare for her, and tonight she was almost smiling she loves it so much. Every time she knows food is coming, she gets a panicked look on her face, as if she thinks I will forget to give her some…but cute thing about her lunch today, when I handed the plate to Darren (he was feeding her on his lap) she folded her hands promptly. Already knows the “pray before we eat” bit. haha (That ritual also got a few tears the first few times.) I am still waiting for a big, toothy, smile, but her eyes have smiled at me many times. She still isn’t the biggest fan of Darren’s, but they’ve had some cute moments, and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s daddy’s girl. She met our puppy today, who has been staying with Darren Herbold’s parents and didn’t even cry when he jumped up on us. Even pet him on her own free will after I had told her he was a ‘nice puppy.’ She’s a stubborn one, but thankfully she has a stubborn mama who isn’t afraid of it. Hoping to post a SMILING photo soon. ***UPDATE*** We got our first smiling pic Thank you for all the prayer. We feel it!!!


Rebecca's First Smile


May 2nd, 2013

We’re home. Naomi even started to cry when she saw Tim Hortons. It felt so good to be back in Canada! Here are a couple quick pics form the trip.


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Workers and kids at the orphanage

Workers and kids at the orphanage

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