“Outside The Box” Family Adventure Anyone?


think outside the box when planning your next family adventure

What do you think of when you think of a family adventure? Camping, vacation, sightseeing, helping others, seeing far away part sof the world, sacrifice, laughter, new food, good food, new friends? How about all the above.  That’s how I would describe a family adventure.

A Little Back Story

I’ve always had this quiet dream that I never really told anyone about.  Because of that, I also rarely did anything to help make it a reality.  You can read about my public declaration here. So, instead of just dreaming about the dream, we’re going to try and actually plan for it! Yikes…. A real family adventure awaits…nervous excitement would describe my emotions. 🙂

The Goal: Start Planning For Our First Family Adventure

We’re looking to find an “outside the box” international opportunity for our family to participate in. Some stipulations:

  • Needs to be a faith based organization
  • An international location
  • Likely have a compassion justice component that our kids could participate in and at least observe.
  • For our firat trip we are looking for a 4-6 week length of stay.

We Need Your Help!

  • Do you happen to know of just such an opportunity?
  • Do you know someone who may know someone that does?
  • Let me know! 🙂

So, when will this happen you ask? I have no clue. I’m hoping sometime during my leave. However, I’ll leave the timing up to Him. However, I’ll start doing my part by asking and seeing what may come.

Is there something you should start working on that you have been putting off for months or even years?

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