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Go Live Your Life Already (PDF)

Go Live Your Life Already eBook – 6 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams ~ There are countless books and resources available on how to create the perfect life plan. However, the truth is that most of us already know what our dreams are!  This eBook will provide you with 6 steps in executing the dreams and purposes within you. Get a free chapter here.


Effortless Interviewing Secrets (PDF)

Effortless Interviewing eBook. This is a PDF of the 7 key tactics that will help you interview like a superstar and get the  job you’ve always wanted. This is a resource I developed in partnership with Donloree Hoffman for our church resource website MinistryJobs.Co. Signup below to get immediate access and unlock this free ebook.


Dream Job Matrix (PDF)

 Dream Job Matrix. This is a quick and powerful tool (PDF) to help you quickly define your dream job! We highlight this tool in our Effortless Interviewing eBook, but also make it available to anyone who wants to clarify their current position or help define what their perfect job/role looks like.  Unlock this free resource by signing up below.

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