Welcome! Why A Blog?

Why not? Trying to be cool like everyone else. Seriously, this is more of a journal of my life an dthoughts


I’m a guy who loves control and feels totally powerless to gain it. I’m a guy who loves the “toys” the world offers and knows their not mine to seek after. I’m a guy who loves my kids so very much but feel like a crappy dad lots of the time. I’m a guy who loves and adores his wife and yet hurt and disappoint her often. I’m a guy who is trying hard, failing constantly, and realizing over and over again that Jesus’ grace and forgiveness is sufficient for me. I am His son, His beloved and I am a man undone by that kind of undeserved love.

Many animals, especially wild, free animals (like us humans) only submit when they are bridled by something. I long to be a man, husband and father who is free from any bridle and still completely, voluntarily, submitted to Jesus Christ. Truthfully this blog chronicles that journey

Most importantly though is my desire to call people to live intentional lives for Jesus Christ.

My mission statement:

To create engaging spaces for people to encounter fun, authentic and transparent relationships through which they have the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ.

The “Professional” Blurb

I (Darren Herbold) am the Sr. Associate Pastor (you probably call this the Executive Pastor) at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Ab Canada. I am passionate about calling people to make spiritual decisions.

I am a lover of Christ, husband to Naomi, my life’s love, companion, confidant, lover, and helper (I have learned the most of God’s heart through you. I love you), dad to my precious princess Esther and wrestling partner to my warrior son Judah…if I did nothing else, but have been able to love on these three I would have lived well. In between those moments life provides additional activities to enjoy. I love to find hidden restaurants. Evening coffees downtown. Early morning coffees at star bucks. Early morning quite times, where much of this blog actually gets thought through and written down. I have found no greater challenge, than following God and allowing Him to change,challenge and use me. This blog is a small attempt to capture some of this journey and I hope you will be encouraged and challenged as well. Here’s to the journey and to all our adventures.

be blessed, be dangerous, be a difference maker


Want to know more?

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