Adoption – We’ve Started the Journey

We’ve been thinking about adopting internationally for a couple of years and we’ve actually filled out most of the paperwork, home study is about to happen and then we begin the wait.

However, perhaps for the first time, it felt a little more “real” today.

We attended a Christmas party for adoptive families. It was simply incredible to see so much joy, diversity, laughter and love in that room. What an incredible picture of God’s great love for us.

Notice Esther and Judah in the middle

If you have adopted internationally or are thinking about it, would love to hear your story in the comments, or blogs of your journey.

What it's all about with some thoughts by John Piper

Video: 6 Mins

At the end of the day it’s all about this. I wonder if I am really doing enough. I realize its easy to feel guilty convicted, etc, etc. I think that’s good, this should convict and hopefully we listen and obey His call for our lives. On a side note Naomi and I have often discussed adoption. This video actually pushed me to finally pursue it.

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