Global Staff Health Assessment’s – How To Do Them?

Creating a healthy staff culture is something that over the past couple years has been written extensively about. Leadership, Teamwork, all play a role. Even just saying or thinking those words bring John Maxwell to mind.

The Question. – How do you effectively assess the health of your staff team?

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Prayer – The Examen of Consciousness Part 1

I find that a deep, consistent prayer life is very difficult to sustain and even engage in.  God made me to be a doer, a lover of crossing off the items on my list. I’m someone who loves to achieve. When I pray about something, I’m usually already acting out my solution as I’m praying.  Simply, I find it difficult to be still.  During our staff chapel this week we walked through the Jesuit tradition of “The Examen of Consciousness.” While any traditions can be taken to an extreme I found the exercise helpful and thought I would explain the steps in 4 different blog posts of the next couple days. Information used from the Jesuit Society of Jesus.

Before you start try to be in a place where you will be least likely to be disturbed, distracted, etc. Jesuits would often light a candle to mark the beginning of their time in prayer.

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