Say Hello To Alexis – Our Compassion Child From Peru

Naomi and I have been compassion sponsors since our first year of marriage. Over time our sponsor family has grown, and today it did again.

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Three Leadership Learnings from Peru ~ Compassion Canada

I’m a big leadership nut. I love reading about it, hearing about it, studying Scripture on it and learning from everyone and anyone about it. Today our Compassion Canada exposure team had the privilege to tour the head office of Compassion in Peru. What Compassion is doing in Peru is phenomenal to say the least…

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Peru Compassion Canada – Meghan

When I think of Peru, I think of sunshine and hot…

No one told me that in Winter the sun never really shines in Peru…AND…that I should be wearing a jacket. It was warmer in Edmonton today than it was in Peru. Still doesn’t really make sense to me. However, the people are as warm and friendly as I have ever met….and today I met Meghan.

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