The Bible & Me – Trusting God Amid Adversity

Do you sometimes feel like a cracked, fragile clay pot?

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The Bible & Me – I Feel Like a Corinthian

I’m actually working through a new bible and marking it up as I go along. I was frustrated at the thought of the process of changing bibles, as I love my old bible, but yet it’s interesting to see what I highlight differently. I also switched to the ESV version, so I do have to read every word, because it’s different. I would actually recommend everyone to re-read the bible in a version you have not read before. Maybe a mid year resolution for you.

In a nutshell, Paul addresses everything from head coverings, to the Lord’s supper, to spiritual gifts and then the love in chapter 13.

Today it was 1 Corinthians 12: 31b that stuck out.  …“And I will still show you a more excellent way.” The Way of Love. (Chapter tile of ch. 13)

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