How I Finally Developed a Consistent “Quiet Time” With God

If you’ve grown up in church, or have just started attending, you will hear people start talking about the important of reading your Bible. Everyone seems to use a different word  or phrase to define it.

“Quiet time, devotions, devotional time, bible study, God time, etc, etc”

Here’s my problem I wanted someone to define what this habit or discipline should look like. Simply tell me the “right” way to spend some time with God. I never knew why this was such a source of guilt and frustration for me. The fact that I was experiencing those feelings made me think all the more that I was doing something wrong. I was reminded about all this recently when someone asked me what my bible study/ personal time with God looked like. It’s not profound, or anything out of the ordinary, but perhaps my process of finding a “rhythm” that worked for me may help someone else.Continue Reading

The Bible & Me – I Feel Like a Corinthian

I’m actually working through a new bible and marking it up as I go along. I was frustrated at the thought of the process of changing bibles, as I love my old bible, but yet it’s interesting to see what I highlight differently. I also switched to the ESV version, so I do have to read every word, because it’s different. I would actually recommend everyone to re-read the bible in a version you have not read before. Maybe a mid year resolution for you.

In a nutshell, Paul addresses everything from head coverings, to the Lord’s supper, to spiritual gifts and then the love in chapter 13.

Today it was 1 Corinthians 12: 31b that stuck out.  …“And I will still show you a more excellent way.” The Way of Love. (Chapter tile of ch. 13)

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