Time Management: Efficiency vs Effectiveness

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I feel a little scatter brained this morning. I really hate that. I’m so excited to do so many things I end up not doing anything until I can get myself focused. I’m partly to blame for this since instead of doing what I was supposed to do this morning I decided instead to catch up, scan and read the numerous blogs I follow each week. (That’s suppose to happen Friday mornings at the end of the week so I don’t get distracted mid-week as is the case now. 🙂 ) And, now, even though its early in the morning, I am already behind on my day…ugh. I really don’t like being late or behind on things.

This whole scenario reminded me of a recent article I just read by Lee Cockerell on time management. (retired executive vice president for Disney operations)Continue Reading

My Top 3 Productivity Apps

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I sometime’s get asked by staff, volunteers or friends on how I organize my files, notes, resources and projects.

They ask me, because I’m a minimalist and love things to work quickly, efficiently and simply. And if it looks awesome at the same time, that’s a bonus.

So, here are the top three apps and tools I use multiple times throughout every day.

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