4 Steps in Creating Your One Sentence Mission.

So yesterday I wrote about my one sentence mission. Or my “OSM.” I recommend you take the time to create one for yourself. It’s hard, takes time and yes it can change over time. For me, at least, it brings clarity to the here and now.

Often people have asked me, “Where do I start.”  Here are my thoughts based on my own journey. I have divided this post into 3 parts.

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What are you all about?

I’ve finally written down a one sentence descriptor of God’s call on my life.

…create space for authentic relationships and transparent community through which people have the opportunity to encounter and decide how to deal with Jesus Christ.

I’m still in a slightly “tweaking” mode so, feedback?

Have you spent time to define who God has called you to be? Intuitively you most likely know what it is. I encourage you to write it out.