A Plan for Growth (My Sabbatical Goals)

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Here are my current answers to the previous post on “Four Steps To Planing A Sabbatical.”  They are still morphing and have already changed 3 weeks into my leave, but for the most part they are being refined vs drastically changed. A quick recap on the steps.

  1. Determine the Goal(s) of Your Leave
  2. Prioritize Your List
  3. Schedule Your Time
  4. Give Yourself Permission To Break The Rules

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Four Step Sabbatical Planning Guide

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*Disclaimer – I’m actually on a parental leave (thank you Canada) and not a sabbatical. However what kind of leave doesn’t matter. What matters is you have some free time, what will you do with it? I believe planning your time will help you get the most benefit from your time away! I’m no expert, but here’s how I’m approaching the months ahead.

Step #1 – Determine The Goal of Your Leave

  • Do this before you start your leave, because you don’t want to waste valuable time once your leave starts
  • Categories to think through could include:
    • Physical, spiritual, emotional Health
    • Family & relationships
    • Learning opportunities. (formal or not)
    • Finish outstanding Projects
    • Start new projects
    • Travel (Again, helps to define the purpose)
  • Ask a trusted friend to give you recommendations on what they think would be good for you.

Step #2 – Prioritize Your List

  • This is harder than it seems. At least I find it difficult. Skipping this step almost always leads to unfinished goals.
  • Draft a priority list
  • Ask someone you trust to also look at your goals and ask them to share their pinion on what they think would be the top three priorities.

Step #3 – Schedule Your Time

  • Grab a calendar and schedule how you will spend your average week while on leave.
  • Grab a calendar and plan any significant, or larger events that need prep time. i.e. travel, courses, etc.
  • *This also means calling, emailing those people you will want to meet, call, have coffee with, etc, etc. Do as much planning prior to the start of your leave.

Step #4 – You Have Permission To Break The Rules

  • Planning is always a guide at best. Don’t ever feel guilty breaking your own rules. You made them, you can break them.
  • This leave is suppose to bring refreshment, energy and inspiration to you. You will likely find new and better opportunities that come along your way. Don’t miss the better choice, by staying true to your original one.

What things would you add to this list?


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