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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a file and you don’t have a usb key on you, or you forgot to email yourself ahead of time?

I love having information and files at my fingertips. I also love having my files backed up, and I want it all for free.So, who can do this all?



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An Interview With Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is by far one of my favorite authors. He recently released his new book, What the Dog Saw.

Besides being a very insightful researcher and author, he is also one of the few authors to have all four of his books on the Best Seller list. Incredible considering his first book came out over 9 years ago.

As a speaker he is just as insightful. C-Span recently did an hour long interview with him. So, if you have some time and like Gladwell, you will enjoy the interview.

Things I Like –

evernoteI am always on the search for new ideas, information, innovation, creativity, etc. I have a couple problems.

1. I very often forget my “great idea.”

2. I very often forget important things I have read, seen or heard.

3. When I do remember to write my ideas down they are often on random pieces of paper, my smart phone, emails, napkins and even toilet paper.  All of which leaves a very unorganized mess. the reality was that I rarely re-visited my ideas, or discoveries because either I couldn’t find my notes, or couldn’t understand what I wrote, or had too many notes that took too long to search through.

Welcome EVERNOTE! has become the most important tool that I use. It has become integral to my work and personal life. That is high praise, because I love technology and use a lot of different apps and services. But none have come close to helping me organize and save my thoughts as good as Evernote does. For me this means increased productivity, greater innovation (I now remember everything I think is important to remember) and its extremely efficient. (I run evernote at home, work,on my Mac, PC, and blackberry & they all sync together).

This new video from Evernote explains it better than I could.

I can’t recommend Evernote enough. I love it!

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Things I Like — Lazy

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Feeling a little lazy? Some things that I absolutely love are technology, researching/learning from others and being efficient. Twitter comes pretty close, but I still need to do all the manual searching, checking hash tags, trending topics, etc, etc. While I love finding out new information about many things it can be very time consuming and, frankly, I don’t have a ton of time to do that.

What I have never quite yet found is an application or software that does all that for me so that I can be efficient. Until now that is.

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